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Cactus Monday

My new green set is perfect for Cactus with a little help from my coastal set. Good to know these colors play well together.

Haiku for Cactus Monday:

           ‘Pretty cactus buds

            Just bursting with potential

            To full pink beauty’

Geometric Abstract

I don’t know what I was thinking or where I was going with this abstract piece but it just developed. And it was fun.


           ‘Geometric fun

            Shapes and colors colliding

            Just because they could!’
This was the last page in my Arches 140# watercolor paper sketchbook. Now I can start my new one, same size, same paper.

Palm Sunday

Today our church was decorated with tall palm branches/fronds near the altar in honor of Palm Sunday. So I sketched one and wrote a haiku and marveled how much those fronds look like feathers!


          ‘This palm tree branch/frond

          Elegant and symbolic

          Used on Palm Sunday’ 
Jinhao fountain pen with Lexington gray ink on a hand bound journal of Fabriano Artistico watercolor from Emerson Bindery on Etsy. It is one I carry in my purse.

Rose Queen

I saw this rose on my early walk and it stood alone in its beauty. Such an unusual color.


          ‘One beautiful rose

           She’s queen of the whole garden

           Sharing her beauty’

Stonehenge cold press paper using 3 Daniel Smith watercolors: hansa yellow, pyrol red and thalo yellow-green.

Cactus Monday

It’s Cactus Monday! A fast little sketch of a blooming ‘Old Man Cactus’ where the spines are all white. 


          ‘Pretty cactus blooms

           Lots of white spines on this one

           Enjoy but don’t touch’

Ink and watercolor on Stonehenge 300# WC paper. Such a beautiful paper to paint on!

This is a beautiful ‘Night-blooming Cereus. It blooms for one night and is gone by mid morning.

Midnight Sky

Sometimes when you look at the night sky you can see the Milky Way in stunning detail and that’s what inspired me.

I used Prussian blue, purple and green watercolor plus salt to get this effect.  

Initially it was a disaster because I used too much salt so I disgustedly put it aside.

Two days later I thought I would try to save it and this is the result. I kind of like it.

Moral of the story is, ‘don’t give up on a painting’. Put it away and let the art fairies re-inspire you. πŸ˜„

The haiku words are done using an app called ‘Phonto’

           ‘The stars are so bright

            All across the midnight sky

             Lots to wish upon’

May all your wishes come true! 😊

Plum Blossoms

Ever since I bought that fountain pen I’ve been in a cherry blossom mood. In this case, plum blossoms.


          ‘Simple, sweet and pink

           Plum blossoms are so pretty

           I love to paint them’

Stonehenge watercolor paper 300# using Daniel Smiths Quin Rose watercolor.

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