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Daisy Bee

The prompt today at Worldwatercolor group is ‘bee’. I actually painted this in 2010 but I had to share it again, it’s one of my favorites. 

Watercolor on Arches 140# WC paper.

I used an app called ‘Phonto’ to print the haiku:

          ‘Look at this beauty

           It’s a Daisy-loving bee


Leaf Addiction

I went for a walk this morning and found this leaf. I just had to paint it. And write a haiku:

‘Yes, I’m addicted

To enjoying autumn leaves

I just must paint them!’

September Snippets

I always take time during each month to create a page of snippets that happen during the month. 

September was the month where zinnias actually bloomed (thank you Deb for the seeds). 

There was so much rain, that the mushrooms went crazy and the wasps were also crazy. 

There was many beautiful,sunsets over the lake.  

And I bought 2 new fountain pens and ink for the upcoming #Inktober

Hope your September was also memorable. 


‘Busy September

Rain, wasps, zinnias and leaves

Beginning and end’


I have a pear sitting on my sill ripening and thought, hmm, two more things would make a nice painting, so I added an apple and a tiny vase of blooms. I finished the painting and wrote the haiku:

‘Three is not a crowd

A pear, apple and small blooms 

Make great companions’

I put my favorite brushes in there also because I use them most of the time; Escoda travel brushes, #2 and 6. 

Blue Vase

Had to grab some flowers to paint before they are all gone. However, I actually like the vase more than the flowers. 😄. But truthfully, I imagined the whole composition. 


‘A pretty blue vase

Holding pretty yellow blooms

They make me happy’

Is It A Fake?

I never know where I am going to find inspiration.


‘This pretty flower

With the yellow-red petals

Is a complete fake’


I was looking through some old sketches when I found this one. I just love the message and thought it would be good for a repost on Sunday. I was sketching in church when the Priest said this.

“I asked God where he was when my son died. He said he was in the same place he is when His son died.”

So profound!

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