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#worldwatercolormonth -Day 31. I have a tradition of taking one page in my sketchbook and doing little sketches of things I find during the month. This is the page for July complete with sketches and haiku, and the last day of World Watercolor Month, 2016. It has been a terrific month!

And this my digital calendar for each watercolor for each day.

The calendar is an app called ‘Photo 365’. It was a fantastic month!

I was inspired to experiment and try different ways of painting such as abstract, and using more color mixing.

I wrote a haiku for each painting and used an app called ‘Phonto’ for placing the haiku on each painting.

Yes, it has truly been an inspiring amazing month!

Thank you Charlie for your leadership in this venture!

WWM- Day-30

#wprldwatercolormonth -Day 30. I found this image on Pixabay and I’m pretty sure it was taken in Glacier National Park. I love that park, it’s so beautiful and it inspired me to paint this. Haiku:

‘High jagged mountains

Snow and clouds do not stop them

Beauty redefined’

WWM- Day -29

#watercolormonth -Day-29. Getting close to the end of this wonderful world watercolor month, and it has been absolutely wonderful! Haiku:

‘A few stems of grass

Against a beautiful sky

Personified peace’

WWM – 27

#worldwatercolormonth -Day 27. Since the world watercolor month started I have been exposed to so many beautiful paintings, from total realism to dreamy to totally abstract. I just had to try an abstract. 

It was interesting enough that I will probably try more. Interpretation is part of the fun. 


Is that a bluebird?

The bluebird of happiness?

You could make it one!


#worldwatercolormonth – Day-26. Occasionally we get Canada geese stopping by for some fresh grass and a sketching opportunity. And haiku:

‘Some geese come for lunch

Tall fresh grass for the salad

Some stayed back to swim’

This was not my original haiku because when I was painting it I accidentally got those black marks near the horizon. And they looked like swimming geese so I changed my haiku to fit the scene. Always a way to fix a mistake.


“Worldwatercolormonth- Day 25. It’s also Cactus Monday. This image is from a photo I took last year. Leave it to the desert to put 2 colors together I would never have thought of doing; orange and purple! We learn from nature. Haiku:

‘Combine orange flowers

With purple prickly cactus

For desert beauty’


Worldwatercolormonth -24. This image of a pelican landing was so perfect for the beginning of the EAA- Air Venture, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Even the Pelicans join in with my haiku:

‘Wings cupped, feet down

Coming in for a landing

EAA started’

EAA is the Experimental Aircraft Association, an international organization based in Oshkosh. It runs from 7-25-16 to 7-31-16. During this time, they have the worlds largest annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts. 

My daughter and SIL live there and it is a week of fun in Oshkosh.

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